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Member Announcement

新葡萄京手机版 Operating Council Members, 

Do you have an event or opportunity at your university that you wish to share with your fellow Operating Council (OC) members? We encourage it! 新葡萄京手机版 offers two ways for you to send out a message to your OC colleagues.

  1. Send it yourself: Use the OC email list to send an email directly to the group. You can find an up-to-date list here. You may do this at any time, and while we would love a heads up, you do not need 新葡萄京手机版’s approval in advance of sending a message to the OC email list. That said, we do ask that a) you share any announcements with the entire group, and b) you are judicious with the number and frequency of opportunities you share.

  2. Submit Announcements for 新葡萄京手机版 Member Opportunities Roundup: Submit events and opportunities for 新葡萄京手机版 to share in a Member Opportunities Roundup. 新葡萄京手机版 sends out regular opportunity emails to the OC. Starting this fall, we will include a section for Member Announcements in each communication. To submit, please use the form below. We will be in touch with any follow-up questions regarding submissions. 

Submit a 新葡萄京手机版 Member Announcement